Little tutorial on how to install and configure uTorrent!

by mtecheasy on February 14, 2011

I’m not going to go into a long description of how the program, or BitTorrent works, there is a lot of information on the web. This will just show you where to get utorrent, and some basic configuration for you to get started. Here we go!

Uno: Visit

Dos: Click on the BIG GREEN button that says “Free Download”,  and the utorrent application will download.

Tres: Once downloaded, install uTorrent, bare in mind that it may ask you to install a toolbar (That’s how free application make their money). If it does, simply uncheck it. All other options are good by default.

Cuatro: Open uTorrent

Cinco: Click on “Options” –> “Preferences” or “Ctrl+P

Seis: There are a lot of settings you can set, but here are the basic ones:

Under “Directories” –> “Put new downloads in:” ++ Browse to the location you want to save your BitTorrent downloads.

Under “Connection” –> “Port used for incoming connections:” ++ For most users, you will use the Random port option or leave it with the current port, but more advanced users may want to setup the port in order to setup their router’s firewall to allow outside connections directly, allowing for faster downloads. If your router has UPnP enabled then you should be ok with whatever port. But with security and control in mind I like to setup a static port.

Under “Bandwidth” ++ Most basic settings will work for the basic user, but I would set the “Maximum upload rate” from 0 (Default) to about 10. Saving you some bandwidth on your monthly limit.

Under “BitTorrent” –> “Protocol Encryption” –> “Outgoing” ++ Change it to “Forced” This will provide a little bit more speed and make your ISP a little harder to know your downloading torrent. Some ISP, most cable ISP like to throttle BitTorrent traffic. I would also recommend you use other anonymity/privacy software, visit my blog entry here.

Siete: Now visit one of the Tracker/BitTorrent site located here. Search for something you’d like to download, and depending on the browser you have, you may get a pop-up windows for the .torrent download file, select Open with, run as, etc. uTorrent will then open the file and start download the BitTorrent file in the location you choose earlier.

If you want more information on BItTorrent, or uTorrent information/documentation visit the following:

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